Hearts and lives changed at our May conferences…

Dear Friends,

PP Group Transforming Conference CroppedWe are excited to tell you about two important conferences that occurred May!  God did amazing things at the Transforming Hearts Conference and Questions for Jesus, book premier, both held in mid-May.  These events had many spiritual breakthroughs and offered inspiration for all attendees.  Here are some highlights:

Transforming Hearts:  The Transforming Hearts course explored the basic workings of the heart.  Presented by author Tony Stoltzfus, the material explained Jesus’ model of change and showed how to live in a powerful, daily conversation with Him at this very-personal heart level.  Tony explained that it really comes down to meeting God in our places of brokenness – and discovering that He is good beyond what we could ever imagine.  

PP Crop Men Praying 4The conference in Karlowice was well-attended by 50 key evangelical leaders: influential senior pastors, leaders of organizations and marketplace leaders.  It was a meaningful time of learning conversational prayer around the deepest desires that God places in our hearts.

God moved in a very deep and intimate way. He touched the hearts of leaders and built a community of trust and unity focused around Jesus’ desires and Kingdom impact.

We heard “success stories” the day we returned!  God was already working!

  • Pastor practiced what he learned during the workshop with his worship team and God moved in that team in amazing ways.
  • Leader said the conference was the most intimate experience of God in his whole life.
  • President of a media company discovered through this workshop that Jesus is the CEO of his business.

And, we continue to hear such stories…

Questions for Jesus, Book Premier:  This event inaugurated Tony’s book that Wojtek translated.  The book premier was well attended, as you can see below.  We are grateful that this practical tool is now available.

PP Group Jesus Questions Conference croppedAll of us are uniquely shaped by God and constantly need to see that God is interested in a deep relationship with each on of us!  We wanted to share this heart-changing news.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  We wouldn’t be able to do our ministry without your help.  Pursue the Father’s heart of God and see how it changes your perspective on everything!

In Him,

Wojtek and Angieszka



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