A gift for Dawid

Dear Friends,

We recently celebrated National Children’s Day which is quite a big deal for kids here in Poland.  Parents usually buy special gifts and organize parties for their children as part of the celebrations.

PP Dawid with Bible.jpgWe had asked our son, Dawid, what he would like to get and his answer was deeply moving to us.  He said, “I want to get a Bible.  A real  one.  Not just the one for kids. I want to read it just like my dad.”

I have tears in my eyes as I write this since no words can describe how proud I am of my little nine year old son and his genuine hunger for more of God in his life…

It made me think about the Father’s heart of God and the biblical situation when children were brought to Jesus in the hope that He would lay hands on them.  Jesus prayed over them but the disciples shooed them away.  Yet Jesus intervened, saying, “Leave the children alone; don’t prevent them from coming to me.  God’s Kingdom is made up of people like these (Matthew 19:13-15).

If we are to experience the Father’s heart of God, we need child-like faith in God who loves to bless His beloved children and seeks intimate relationship with them.

With love,

Wotjek, Angieszka and Dawid

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