Seeking God with a desperate heart…

Dear Friends,

“God rewards those who seek Him with a desperate heart.”

PP Group Conference Desperate Hearts

These words, based on Hebrews 11,16, are painted at the courtyard wall at Steiger International Center in Germany.

PP W and Steiger FounderSteiger is a worldwide mission organization present in five continents that reaches and disciples Global Youth Culture for Jesus. Steiger uses art, music and other forms of creativity to present Jesus in a clear and relevant way to the global youth culture.  It establishes a long-term presence in cities through ongoing discipleship and local church partnership.

Steiger International has been coming to Poland since Communist times, always preaching the gospel in ways that were relevant to a young generation by using their music and art to bring a clear message of the cross. (If you want to know more, please read the books, Rock Priest and Revolutionary written by David Pierce, founder of this global movement. David is shown above with me.)   Those books had a deep impact on me in my teenage years when I became a Christian.  I translated for Steiger during some of their ministry tours. Their activity also gave birth to Slot Art Festival which now attracts thousands of  young people every year.

One of the cities where Steiger is involved is Wroclaw.  Luke Greenwood, who serves as a European director, is based here with his family. We met sometime ago and our hearts connected.  As we are in the process of exploring how Golden Apple Institute can partner with Steiger, he invited me to participate in Revolutionary Week, which is part of Steiger Missions School.

PP W Ted TalkDuring Revolutionary Week, I was honored to present a TED talk, “The Power of Vision”, to about 120 leaders representing 19 nations (including Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, England, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand, USA, Chile, Brazil). It was amazing experience of an international community praying, connecting and seeking to find relevant ways to reach the lost world. Please pray that the Lord will continue raising a new generation of leaders committed to share the Good News with those who so desperately need to experience the power of the gospel. I am so privileged to be a part of this global movement and serve alongside them with our resources. What a blessing!

Recently, Golden Apple Institute was invited to participate in a  steering committee for a new city outreach in Wroclaw called Renewal Festival.  It will take place in May 2017 and will include concerts, workshops, lectures, art, kids and youth ministries on a large scale. We believe it will have an impact on thousands of people. We are in charge of organizing Leadership Forum as part of the festival and are so excited about that!

Thank you so much for partnering with us.  We are grateful for your continual prayers and support. It makes a huge difference!


Wojtek and Angieszka

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