God is real…

Dear Friends,

PP W & A Ark Cropped

We are happy to be back in the USA, visiting our friends and partners in ministry.  It is always good for us to come here and share what God is doing in Poland. We have had an amazing year ministering through the Golden Apple Institute which continues to accelerate the impact of evangelical leaders throughout Poland and beyond.

While visiting in the US, gracious friends enjoy showing us new places and sharing inspiring experiences.  Yesterday we had an incredible opportunity to visit the newly-opened tourist attraction, The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.  I could spend HOURS describing how this amazing exhibit made the story of Noah come alive! This full-scaled building of Noah’s ark and the biblical narrative made our visit into a personal experience for our whole family.

My son, Dawid who is now nine years old, prayed last night:  “Thank you, God, for your greatness.”  Dawid’s prayer captures the transition from a child’s Bible story taught at Sunday School to understanding the significance of Noah’s life and mission.

PP Fairy Tale CroppedPeople generally think of Noah’s Ark through the visuals of capricious and colorful animals hanging out of a cramped boat. The magnificent 140,000 square foot exhibit did a masterful job of reminding us that the story of Noah is not a childish storybook, but a powerful presentation of God’s faithfulness and part of the history of salvation to the world.

With overwhelming and disturbing news occurring so frequently throughout the world, we need the good news that God is REAL and He truly cares for His creation.

We will travel to different places in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, New York, ending in Atlanta, Georgia.  We return to Poland on September 1.  We look forward to bringing you up to date with our ministry plans for 2017-2018.  We’ve seen many leaders’ lives touched and transformed this year as a result of our coaching, workshops and conferences.

It’s not about us!  It’s about God who is always real, always faithful and like a great Artist who is passionate and caring about His creation...to Him, all the glory!

In Him,

Wojtek, Agnieszka and Dawid


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