A strong start for the New Year

Dear Friends,

The New Year is a good time for evaluating last year as well as making plans for what’s ahead for us.  We are delighted to see how many doors God opened in 2016 to truly accelerate the impact of evangelical leaders throughout our nation!  These are not just nice words that describe our goal, but the reality of our everyday life.

Every month we’ve organized leadership workshops with churches, organizations and marketplace leaders.  However, our calling is not just about organizing leadership development events…our heart is for the people and seeing God’s impact in their lives. We are so privileged to experience and see the results in the lives of our clients.  There is no greater joy or satisfaction than when people are encouraged, inspired and excited about following Christ deeper in their lives.  Families, ministries and businesses also benefit.

As we began our strategy for 2017, our calendar filled with meaningful and strategic leadership events on a national and international level.  We are already booked in many places for workshops, conferences and individual coaching.  We also continue to broaden our impact through our publications.  We are very excited to announce that Golden Apple Institute will publish a new book, Life-Changing Questions, within the first quarter of 2017.  In addition, we will offer branded conference materials on the basis of this book.

All of these Kingdom-expanding activities are possible because of the support we get from our partners in ministry.  Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

We are involved in many different initiatives that require funding and support.  Here are areas that are particularly important in terms of fundraising for this year:

  • pp-graphic-budget-details-2Scholarship are needed for pastors and church planters to enroll in our coaching programs.
  • Funds are needed to publish our new book, Life-Changing Questions, and accompanying branded conference materials.
  • Funds are needed for leadership development conferences on a national level with our key partners.

Would you consider making an extra donation towards these goals for our ministry this year?  Raising an additional $5,000 before February 15 would help us meet these goals.  Your gift of any size makes a tremendous difference.

We are very grateful for your belief in us and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!


Wojtek and Agnieszka



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