Making disciples of all nations

Dear Friends,

In our current culture, we are constantly bombarded by mass marketing strategies – bigger this, more that.  Sadly, this mentality has crept into our Christianity as well.  We often forsake the narrower focus of investing in individuals for the mass marketing strategy of huge crowds.

This was really the opposite of Jesus’ approach.  Clearly, Jesus cared deeply about the masses, but He knew that the most effective way to reach huge crowds was not through “mass marketing” but through intentional, life-on-life, disciple-making.

We must have a paradigm shift if we are to understand and obey the Great Commandment!

To put it succinctly, Jesus’ vision and strategy was:  See the masses through the Man, build and equip the man to reach the masses!  This is why we at Golden Apple Institute concentrate on developing church and marketplace leaders, focusing on discipleship which is the heartbeat of Christianity so clearly expressed in the Great Commission.

Wojtek & Director Hinton

We are so excited that we partnered with Downline Ministry in Little Rock, AR.  Here is their mission statement:

Downline Ministries exists to encourage a restoration of biblical discipleship in and through the local church by strategically partnering with church leadership to equip men and women to make disciples in their homes, church and community for the glory of God and exaltation of Christ among the nations.”

We just organized our first Downline leadership training in Warsaw.  It was a truly inspirational time of equipping the leaders for discipleship throughout our nation.  Among the 28 participants of the training were the main leaders of three denominations (Baptists, Assemblies of God, Church of Christ) and the President of the Baptist Theological Seminary. Others involved were the Directors of Youth for Christ – Poland, LeaderStyle organization, Proca Coaching Foundation and more.  They all responded positively to the training.  We are already planning the next Downline conference for Fall 2017.  We are also praying and planning to incorporate the full Downline Discipleship Institute to ignite a disciple-making movement in Poland!

We are grateful for the teaching of Dr. Daniel Hinton (Director of Downline Little Rock), Joe Ricker and Stephen Piacentini (Getwellroad Church, Southhaven, MS) who did a great job sharing their passion for discipleship which was so contagious!  (Photo R-L: Daniel, Joe and Stephen)

A denominational leader remarked about the Downline conference:  “Thank you for your invitation.  It truly was the right word at the right time.  Now is the time to APPLY it!”

Thank you so much for your loving support for our ministry.  We wouldn’t be able to minister in Poland and central Europe without you!


Wojtek and Angieszska


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